CryoSentinel Thermographic Risk Mitigation

Add CryoSentinel® Thermographic Video Surveillance to your monitoring.
Patented Protection For Your Peace of Mind

Unparalled Cryogenic Storage RISK MITIGATION

CryoSentinel is the World’s ONLY Early Warning System that can detect cryogenic dewar vacuum degradation before catastrophic failure

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Risk Mitigation

CryoSentinel is the only cryogenic monitoring system that allows you to visually verify the status and integrity of your dewars from anywhere.

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Your Entire Cryostorage at Your Fingertips

The thermographic video of your cryostorage can be seen wherever you are in the world through the IOS app.

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Validate CryoStorage Integrity in Seconds

CryoSentinel provides immediate validation on the health of your cryogenic storage and can indicate signs of decreased vacuum integrity in advance of catastrophic failure.

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Multiple Industries

CryoSentinel can be used in any industry where priceless materials need to be safeguarded.
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CryoSentinel is a thermographic monitoring system for detecting vacuum failure in cryogenic storage. It can integrate with any existing monitoring solution or operate autonomously. CryoSentinel offers real-time thermographic video and advanced vacuum degradation detection.

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CryoSentinel's patented process gives you extra precious time, and live thermographic video wherever you are, to help you save your most valuable assets in the event of a cryogenic storage vacuum failure.


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