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Thermographic Cryogenic
Storage Monitoring

With Early Vacuum Failure Warning

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Fastest response to dewar failure available (moments vs hours for other systems)

React to catastropic failure BEFORE it happens

Continuously record and archive thermographic video

See the health of cryo storage anywhere in the world in an instant

State of the art cryo monitoring.

Cryo Sentinel® monitors the exterior temperature of your cryogenic dewars, detecting the external drop in temperature caused by vacuum loss and alerting you immediately. This patent pending process gives you extra precious time and live video information whereever you are to help you save your most vaulable assets.

Super Powers!

Infra red technology allows you to see the health of your cryogenic dewars in an instant. As vacuum is compromised the external dewar wall cools and can be clearly seen wth Cryo Sentinel.
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10 mins

is the average Cryo Sentinel alert time after catastrophic failure


Sleep better at night.

With Cryo Sentinel’s live thermographic video, and streaming around the world, you will always know that your cryo storage is safe. A quick look at your computer or phone will let you sleep better at night knowing that all your dewars are working as they should.



cameras and sensors


live and archive thermographic video available

Infra red technology

See into the future!

Cryo Sentinel allows you to see your cryo storage in a completely new light (infra red!). This allows you to see things like slow vacuum failure, so you can take action to safe your eggs, sperm and embryos from a dewar before it fails. If this happens to you, you will be glad you had Cryo Sentinel.

This dewar failed

3 days

later*. Cryo Sentinel’s patent-pending process could see this dewar’s vacuum was failing thus allowing the contents to be moved to another dewar, averting catastrophe.(*Unpublished data LoManto, Rush and Pomeroy, 2020)
Failing Cryogenic Dewar


Choose your system

Cryo Sentinel comes in three models: a complete monitoring system with thermographic video,  compatible with a wide variety of enviromental sensors including normally dry contacts, temperature sensors, and 4–20mA current sources; a unit that can integrate into existing 3rd party monitoring systems through a 4-20mA output and a stand-alone video module that will give you a full thermographic display (both locally and remotely through the internet).

There are

3 models

available to meet your needs from a video only unit to a complete environmental monitoring system
Cryo Sentinel Models

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Cryosentinel uses thermal imaging technology and an array of sensors to monitor your dewars and cryogenic vessels and will immediately alert you in the event of a vacuum failure.


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