CryoSentinel’s patent pending advanced early warning technology supplements your current cryogenic storage alarm system and provides you with better and faster information to help you protect your most valuable assets.



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Instant Feedback

Using Thermographic Technology to monitor your cryo storage tanks provides your lab team with immediate feedback on vacuum integrity and the earliest signs of a compromised dewar. A single degree Celsius between dewars can easily be seen with CryoSentinel.

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“I find CryoSentinel to be the most sensitive and proactive mechanism for monitoring tanks out there - far superior to external thermometers and scales. Great idea and well engineered. Can’t say enough good things about this system - just brings tremendous peace of mind! Still blown away by it."

Thomas “Rusty” Pool, Ph.D.
Laboratory and Scientific Director

Trust and Confidence

As a laboratory professional, patients trust you with their irreplaceable biological materials. Recent studies have shown traditional systems designed to identify tank failures are unreliable (Cryostorage tank failures: temperature and volume loss over time after induced failure by removal of insulative vacuum. Pomeroy, et al. 2019, Cryo tank quality control: How to detect a tank that is “Failing"’. Graham et al. 2019, Thermographic imaging: A breakthrough invention providing an effective and reliable cryogenic storage monitoring. Nagy, 2020). With CryoSentinel, laboratory staff can once again feel confident that the biological cells entrusted to them are safeguarded at all times.

Real Time Video

CryoSentinel’s live thermographic video provides a simple and instant interface which is easy to archive.

Visual Validation

CryoSentinel allows you to visually verify vacuum integrity and validate dewar status anywhere in the world.


CryoSentinel can send multiple and tiered alerts via email, text and phone in addition to local visual and audible alerts.

A Message from our Founder

As an embryologist I have been awakened many times in the early hours of the morning to cryogenic storage alarms that were likely false. Nevertheless they still required a trip to the lab to see why the alarm activated and to check there was not a catastrophic failure in process. 

CryoSentinel was created to assist in this situation and has been a labor of love since 2018 to help resolve this issue. It has been exciting to take a simple concept, and use state-of-the-art technology to create a device that has the ability to outperform all other technologies currently used to monitor for cryogenic storage vacuum failure.

I'm thrilled to be able to offer the protection, confidence, and peace of mind that only CryoSentinel can provide. My goal to have a CryoSentinel in every lab that stores precious cells and biological material to add an additional layer of confidence and security, to mitigate risk, and to never have another loss of a patient’s hopes and dreams.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Elliott

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Beauty in Simplicity


The CryoSentinel unit is simple to install and can be mounted to the wall to provide easy access to the thermographic feed and all key functions. In most cases installation can be performed by your IT professional.

The unit also provides local strobe and buzzer alerts to notify professionals working in the area.

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CryoSentinel is a thermographic monitoring system for detecting vacuum failure in cryogenic storage. It can integrate with any existing monitoring solution or operate autonomously. CryoSentinel offers real-time thermographic video and advanced vacuum degradation detection.

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CryoSentinel's patent pending process gives you extra precious time, and live thermographic video wherever you are, to help you save your most valuable assets in the event of a cryogenic storage vacuum failure.


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