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Your IVF clinic takes the safety of your frozen embryos to the highest level so they use CryoSentinel because it is unmatched in its effectiveness in preventing dewar failure, making it the ultimate safeguard for your valuable embryos.

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Your Embryos are in safe hands

We are grateful that you have chosen to entrust our clinic with your fertility care, and we believe in the power of open and honest communication to build strong relationships with our patients.  Your irreplaceable reproductive cells are under the watchful eye of CryoSentinel.

Storing reproductive materials can be stressful for many of our patients. Because we prioritize your emotional well-being, we want you to know that we use the CryoSentinel Thermographic Monitoring System in our lab to protect your irreplaceable reproductive cells.

Utilizing thermographic technology, CryoSentinel monitors the exterior temperature of cryogenic storage tanks and sends immediate alarm notifications at the first signs of a potential issue. With a clear visual display and instant video feedback, our staff can easily verify the status of the cryo-storage tanks that hold your precious material and have ample time to take action.

You can rest easy knowing that you made the right decision in choosing our clinic for your fertility treatment as we are committed to providing the best possible care for you and your reproductive cells. By using CryoSentinel, our laboratory staff has confidence that the biological cells in our care are always safeguarded.

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CryoSentinel is a thermographic monitoring system for detecting vacuum failure in cryogenic storage. It can integrate with any existing monitoring solution or operate autonomously. CryoSentinel offers real-time thermographic video and advanced vacuum degradation detection.

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CryoSentinel's patented process gives you extra precious time, and live thermographic video wherever you are, to help you save your most valuable assets in the event of a cryogenic storage vacuum failure.


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