What is CryoSentinel?

CryoSentinel is an early warning system for cryogenic Dewar vacuum failures. It uses thermography to detect for the external temperature changes that occur when the vacuum on a Dewar becomes compromised.

Is CryoSentinel an alarm system?

No, CryoSentinel does not look inside of Dewars so it cannot tell if the environment is suitable for cryogeninic storage. CryoSentinel should not replace your alarm system.

Can CryoSentinel work with existing alarm systems?

Yes, CryoSentinel can be either independent from the alarm system or integrate with it through an alarm out port.

How fast is CryoSentinel compared to internal temperature measurements?

In the event of a catastophic Dewar failure CryoSentinel will send an alert about 10 minutes after the event giving up to 20 hours to safely move samples to another Dewar.

In the event of a catastophic Dewar failure internal temperature alarms will only give you about 30-60 minutes of time to save samples. This is generally considered not enough time, especially if staff is not on site at the time of alarm.


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How can CryoSentinel predict the Dewar failure?

In some circumstances, the exterior of the Dewar is slightly cooler when the vacuum is compromised. Most other systems cannot detect this as the temperature might be less than a degree less than other Dewar, but CryoSentinel can compare Dewar temperatures and show if any of them are slightly cooler. If you see a Dewar that is cooler than others next to it, then this is a sign of failure and the samples should be moved immediately.

What are the key features of CryoSentinel?

• The fastest response time to catastrophic Dewar failure available
• Alerts up to 20 hours before internal temperature probes
• Live Thermographic display in lab giving instant feedback
• Remote video available via browser/phone
• Thermographic video archive
• Daily Dewar integrity validation
• Predict Dewar failure BEFORE it happens
• Email, text and phone alerts
• Integration with 3rd party alarms
• Hardwired for reliability
• Cloud Based data portal
• Easily expandable with multiple cameras
• Cameras can be in other rooms/locations
• Local alerts (Strobe & buzzer)
• Fits in to your current workflow with ease
• Can monitor multiple Dewars at the same time

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Cryosentinel uses thermal imaging technology and an array of sensors to monitor your dewars and cryogenic vessels and will immediately alert you in the event of a vacuum failure.


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