Detect Critical Failure Days in Advance

React to Cryogenic Failure BEFORE It Happens

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Cryo Sentinel is an Independant Alarm System for Monitoring Cryogenic Storage

Why You Need Cryo Sentinel To Help Safeguard Your Embryos in the Event of Disaster

Immersion probes don’t work in some situations, level gauges can have issues and weight systems can take a while to alert you. Cryo Sentinel is the ONLY system that warns you to potential issues BEFORE they happen and well before your alarm system is even activated, giving you ample time to take action to protect your patient's embryos.


2018 was a sad year for IVF. Two very high profile fertility centers had issues with their cryo storage resulting in loss of patient embryos. Since that time the search has been on to find more reliable, additional and alternative solutions to monitor to prevent catastrophic loss.

Cryo Sentinel addresses the short comings in current cryopreservation alarm systems. When used as an additional monitoring device it can provide you with advanced warning of dewar failure, a live visual of your cryo storage system status at any time, a video achive of all issues and a reliable alert system to contact your team by email, text and phone.

How Cryo Sentinel Helps Prevent Disaster

Live Video

24/7 Live Thermographic Images and Video Archive.

Fast Alerts

Detect Temperature Drops and Even See Dewars Before They Fail*.

Cloud Integration

Hard-Wired System with Cloud Alerts.

How Cryo Sentinel Helps Prevent Disaster



Alerts Via Text, Phone and /or Email. Web Page or IOS App for Video.

Cost Effective

Monitor Multiple Dewars and Multiple Locations.

It Just Works!

Highly Configurable to Reduce False Alerts.

Live Thermal Monitoring and Alerts

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The above image shows a dewar 3 days before it failed*. Cryo Sentinel’s patent-pending process uses advanced technologies, including thermal imaging, to allow you to see the problems with your dewars in advance of failure. (*Unpublished data LoManto, Rush and Pomeroy, 2020)

How It Works

Due to the first law of thermodynamics, if the vacuum of a cryogenic storage container fails, the liquid nitrogen inside the dewar will boil and the exterior of the dewar will rapidly cool. The boiling nitrogen super cools the interior of the dewar rendering internal temperature sensors ineffective. As the nitrogen boils away the cryo preserved samples can become exposed to warmer temperatures resulting in loss of this material.

Cryo Sentinel monitors the exterior of the dewar, detecting this external drop in temperature and alerting you immediately by email, text and/or phone, giving you extra precious time and live video information whereever you are to help you save your samples.

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Embryos are priceless - protect them with Cryo Sentinel

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